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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Talking about anime, Dragon Ball is one series that has the highest number of fans worldwide, and to be honest Dragon Ball Super is no different when it comes to its fan following. ‘Dragon Ball Super Season 1’ has managed to become everyone’s favorite, and now fans will finally be able to pass the fever […]

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Super Dragon Ball Heroes Releases Synopsis for Big Bang Mission Episode 7

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is continuing through the second season of its promotional anime series, and the next episode for the Big Bang Mission arc has revealed its synopsis. The Big Bang Mission arc has taken the fight against Fu to a new level when a stronger and beefed up version of the Dragon Ball […]

Dragon Ball Multiverse Dark Universe 4

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Fan Manga’s Darkest Alternate Timelines

The fan-created Dragon Ball Multiverse webcomic features many Dragon Ball alternate realities — including some in which the heroes failed. The fan-created Dragon Ball Multiverse comic puts a different spin of the Dragon Ball version of the multiverse than Dragon Ball Super does, featuring far more similarities between the various universes in terms of characters […]

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Vegito: Dragon Ball’s Weirdest And Most Powerful Body Fusion, Explained

One of the most powerful figures in the entire Dragon Ball universe, Vegito is still something of a mystery. The Dragon Ball franchise is already chock-full of anime’s most powerful fighters. These warriors ascend to nearly infinite levels of power, but there are methods for them to go beyond that and become even more powerful. […]

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Did Dragon Ball Super Limit How Strong Goku and Vegeta Can Get?

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods was not only exciting because it was the first new Dragon Ball anime content in a long time, but that it opened up the franchise to godly new levels of power. Over the course of Dragon Ball Super we have seen Goku and Vegeta inch their way towards these […]

Dragon Ball Super What If Moro Wins Vs Goku Vegeta Theory 1219193 1280x0

Will Dragon Ball Super’s Moro Arc End The Series?

Dragon Ball Super’s manga has been pressing forward for the last year (or more), even while the anime has been on hiatus. That’s been a strange divergence to see, as Dragon Ball Super has typically been led by the anime, with the manga adapting anime stories later on. However, Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 62 […]

Dragon Ball Super Moro

Dragon Ball Super: Moro Gets An Incredible New Upgrade

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61 reveals a new upgrade for Moro, and now he’s stronger than ever. Millions of years prior to even the original Dragon Ball series, the Grand Supreme Kai and South Supreme Kai united to take down Moro, a powerful wizard and energy-absorbing villain that posed a major threat to the universe. […]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Vegeta Cover

Dragon Ball Super Theory: The True Importance Of Vegeta’s New Powers

While Vegeta’s new technique in the latest DBS manga chapter was amazing, defeating Moro may not be what it’s best suited for. The latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga gave fans a pleasant surprise by finally revealing Vegeta’s brand new powers — spirit fission. While the display of his new technique was amazing, […]

Great Lord Of Mouth Beams

Dragon Ball Super Theory: There Are Officially TWO Kinds of Power Scaling

Physical strength, which has been heavily relied upon throughout Dragon Ball history, is no longer the only way to measure an opponents’ true strength. The Dragon Ball franchise is known for boasting characters with immense physical strength. This means, unfortunately, other characters who are not as physically strong fail to get the recognition they rightfully […]

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