Dragon Ball Multiverse Dark Universe 4

Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Fan Manga’s Darkest Alternate Timelines

The fan-created Dragon Ball Multiverse webcomic features many Dragon Ball alternate realities — including some in which the heroes failed.

The fan-created Dragon Ball Multiverse comic puts a different spin of the Dragon Ball version of the multiverse than Dragon Ball Super does, featuring far more similarities between the various universes in terms of characters and events. In fact, some of the universes are worlds where the Z-Warriors failed in their battles over the course of Dragon Ball Z, leading to severely broken and corrupted worlds.

These are the darkest alternate realities introduced in the pages of Dragon Ball Multiverse.


Dragon Ball Multiverse Dark Universe 4

In Universe 13, unlike most of the other worlds within Dragon Ball Multiverse, an infant Goku never injured himself in the care of Master Gohan. This meant that the baby retained his more vicious Saiyan instincts and soon turned on humanity. Despite attempts by people like Krillin to befriend him, Kakarot instead wiped out humanity — even gaining immortality through the Dragon Balls during his rampage. It’s even implied that Kakarot ended up eating the flesh of some of the humans he killed, with the character becoming a monstrous version of the traditionally heroic Goku.


Dragon Ball Multiverse Dark Universe 2

Universe 8 diverged from the Dragon Ball canon at the conclusion of the Saiyan Saga. Rather than listen to Goku and show Vegeta reluctant mercy, Krillin ignored his friend and used Yajirobe’s sword to kill the Saiyan Prince. This meant that when Gohan, Krillin and Bulma landed on Planet Namek looking for the Dragon Balls, they found a Frieza Army that hadn’t been hindered and whittled down by Vegeta. The heroes are barely able to stay ahead of Frieza’s forces, with Krillin even being mortally wounded defeating Zarbon. But Gohan, Bulma and Dende are eventually able to steal the Dragon Balls and summon Portunga. Without anyone around to distract him, Frieza activates a massive attack that wipes out most of the life on Namek — including the remaining heroes.

Only Nail survives the blast and is found by Goku when he arrives on the planet. Enraged, the pair decide to try and take their revenge by attacking Frieza’s homeworld. The Ginyu Force quickly falls, but Ginyu is eventually able to get the better of Nail and defeat him with the help of Recoome. Meanwhile, Frieza and Goku enter a long duel that severely damages the planet.

But with his anger at his loved one’s death replaced with a grim determination, Goku doesn’t have the sudden fury to turn Super Saiyan — meaning when Frieza activates his Final Form, he’s just too strong and kills Goku with relative ease. This leads to the continued growth of Frieza’s empire across the galaxy — albeit with Ginyu secretly taking over the body of Frieza’s father, King Cold.


Dragon Ball Multiverse Dark Universe 3

In Universe 17, the final battle between Gohan and Cell took a dark turn when Vegeta¬†didn’t¬†shoot a blast at Cell to distract him. This meant Cell had more than enough focus to destroy the young warrior,¬†despite Goku’s encouragement from beyond the grave. The only real threat to him now taken care of, Cell then turned his attention to the rest of the Z-Warriors: Vegeta and Piccolo were targeted first and quickly eliminated. Cell redirected a Destructo-Disc from Krillin to kill Tien and proceeded to beat Yamcha to death within moments.

The worst fate befell Krillin, who Cell dragged into orbit and left him there to suffocate in the vacuum of space. Returning to the Earth, and with no one left on the world to challenge him, Cell quickly turned his attention on humanity and absorbed it all — adding the life energy of the entire planet to his already impressive reserves. Creating a new batch of Cell Jrs, Cell ventured away from the lifeless world to explore and kill more beings across the universe.


Dragon Ball Multiverse Dark Universe 1

Universe 4’s history was the same as the core-Dragon Ball timeline until the events of the Majin Buu Saga. Instead of trying to reason with Buu, Vegeta instead enraged the villain by trying to intimidate him. Deciding to take things more seriously more quickly, Buu turns on Vegeta and absorbs him instead of fighting him. This leaves Goku alone against Buu, who easily overwhelms the warrior. Despite Goku’s best attempts, Majin Buu is just too powerful — especially now that he’s added Vegeta’s power to the power he’d already absorbed from Gohan, Trunks, Goten and Piccolo.

With this boost, Buu is able to beat Goku and absorb him, transforming into the newly dubbed Zen Buu. But the emotions of the heroes within him keep him from turning on the Earth as he’d planned — even ordering Dende to find the Dragon Balls to restore everyone he’d killed. Buu visits the remaining Z-Warriors and tells them the fate of their friends — and to absorb Bulma, gaining her intelligence. Buu departed, leaving the Earth alive but without the many warriors who most often defended it. He soon traveled the stars and absorbed more and more powerful beings, becoming nearly god-like.

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