Dragon Ball Super Heroes: The Power Of Female Warrior Lagss

Dragon Ball Super Heroes: The Power Of Female Warrior Lagss

The appearance of Lagss in the last 10 Dragon Ball Super Heroes made people “shocked” because of her overwhelming power.

Dragon Ball Super Heroes is coming to the most dramatic and dramatic stage when recently appearing new enemies with superior powers, dare to threaten Zeno.


Zeno is the Genesis, is one of the two kings of the 12 Universes, one of the two entities who stands above the entire multiverse and known to have unparalleled strength. There has been news that no one in the world is stronger than Zeno, because he will be the last to remove anything; from individuals, planets, galaxies to the entire universe. Just by hearing his name, everyone was trembling in fear.

But somehow, there is a group of strangers who appear to take down this supreme god. Surely they all possess extremely terrible powers?

Especially in the last episode of Dragon Ball Super Heroes, we have witnessed the power of Lagss of the Core Area Warriors. Just a few simple moves that made Goku in the ultra instinct suffer


Lagss is a beautiful girl with light turquoise long hair braided into 2 braids. She wears a tank top with gold accents. It seems that she is from the Glass Tribe, who possesses the power to seal the Universe Seeds.

With what has shown Lagss shows that she is quite a cruel and cold person. She had mercilessly attacked even though Goku was exhausted by her glass shards.

Laggs Beat Goku

Based on Lagss’ attacks, we see this girl is capable of manipulating glass by Ki. Lagss can use it to attack, defend even to heal. She used it in the manga to heal Cumber’s wounds and restore her wounds.

Moreover, it seems that Lagss has some kind of time-related power, which is why she can make the moves go back and hit Goku again until he collapses.

Lagg Team

In the end, it is similar to the other members of the Lagss group that can move instantly from one space to another easily.

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