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Dragon Ball Super Theory: The True Importance Of Vegeta’s New Powers

While Vegeta’s new technique in the latest DBS manga chapter was amazing, defeating Moro may not be what it’s best suited for.

The latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga gave fans a pleasant surprise by finally revealing Vegeta’s brand new powers — spirit fission. While the display of his new technique was amazing, defeating Moro may not be what it’s best suited for.

The result of Vegeta’s training on Planet Yardrat was nothing short of amazing as he returned to Earth stronger than ever — and even more powerful than his longtime rival, Goku. As Vegeta forced Moro to spit out the life and spirit energy that he stole, it was revealed that the Saiyan Prince now has the ability to separate spirits and life energy from an individual. This is a technique that has never before been seen in Dragon Ball history — the Spirit Bomb follows the same principles but it absorbs life energy and doesn’t force it out of a host. Vegeta’s new powers were so devastating to Moro that it caused him to revert to his old and decrepit original form.Chap 61 P 19 1The Saiyan Prince’s technique was so advanced that even Goku admitted that he was unable to successfully learn the technique during his time on Yardrat.Without giving so much attention to how Vegeta has physically raised his battle power — the possibilities that have come forth from this his new ability are endless. This can be supported by one sentence that Vegeta spoke to Piccolo during their brief talk: “Yes, I could even extract those other Namekians you combined with ages ago.” The most important takeaway from this conversation is not the part where Vegeta speaks about extracting Kami and Nail — but the fact that he mentions “ages ago,” meaning that regardless of how much time has passed, he can still separate them.

The Grand Supreme Kai was absorbed by Majin Buu a very long time ago, but with the emergence of the Spirit Fission technique, he could very well be extracted from Majin Buu. If Vegeta were to separate Buu and the Grand Supreme Kai using his new powers, he would be able to eliminate the need for Buu to simultaneously switch between the two and give the Grand Supreme Kai the opportunity to fight Moro without Buu’s constant need for rest.

Having a character as powerful and mystical as the Grand Supreme Kai return to Dragon Ball Super would open up multiple pathways for the writers to explore — this would deepen the already vast mythology of the Dragon Ball franchise. It has already been stated that it was the Grand Supreme Kai’s powers that were instrumental in defeating Moro the first time around and seeing as how Majin Buu’s own magical powers gave the villain trouble — the possibility of having to face them both doesn’t board well for Moro.

While Vegeta’s new technique may be viewed as a way to defeat Moro, it is almost certanly something much more. You can be assured that it will be monumental in not only the defeat of Moro, but also important to the franchise’s overall story.

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