Frieza’s brother in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, possessing tremendous power when turning into Golden Metal Cooler

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Cooler is no longer a weak person like in the Dragon Ball Z movie, now Frieza’s brother is very strong in Super Dragon Ball Heroes!

Cooler is Frieza’s brother, he was introduced in two Dragon Ball Z movies: Cooler ‘s Revenge, Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler and recently Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Cooler, despite being extremely hardworking, but the power of Cooler is never comparable to Frieza. However, Super Dragon Ball Heroes has brought this character a completely different appearance.

Find out about the change of Cooler in this new appearance!

Note: Cooler of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is not related to the Cooler of Dragon Ball Z movie!

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– Cooler first appeared in episode 2 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes as Final Form (white purple skin, horny head).

– When Final Form Cooler turns Golden, Goku is manipulated in the form of Super Saiyan with just one punch.

– Question: Is Cooler the friend or the enemy?

In episode 2 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Trunks told Vegeta that “Cooler is on our side” and Cooler responds “We simply have the same goal” so there is a high chance that he is an ally.

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– Episode 12 Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Cooler is no longer in Final Form but appears as Metal Cooler by absorbing energy from the Big Gete Star, which Fu explained in the movie.

– Metal Cooler defeated female villain Lagss without changing to Golden.

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– When encountering Cumber Super saiyan 3, Metal Cooler changed to Golden Crown camp and said “My brother can do it, I can do it”. Confronted with Golden Metal Cooler, Cumber Super saiyan 3 lost. Unfortunately, Golden Metal Cooler could not finish Cumber even though the win was firmly in hand because the Cooler’s system was overloaded.

The last word, Cooler not only turned Golden in Final Form, but also combined with his Metal Cooler, made many fans mistakenly think Cooler in episode 2 and episode 12 were different but actually is 1. Still wanted Know how powerful Cooler is, please wait for the next episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes to be released!

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