Goku May Soon No Longer Be Dragon Ball’s Strongest Character

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Goku is typically the strongest hero in Dragon Ball, but that may change in the next anime, thanks to Dragon Ball Super: BrolyDragon Ball is full of incredibly strong heroes who are always gaining in power, and Goku is usually at the head of the pack. The Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Z shifted away from this, by positioning his teenage son, Gohan, as Dragon Ball‘s strongest character, but as Gohan slacked off on his training, the series returned to the status quo, and its remained that way ever since.

The Dragon Ball

In 2018, Dragon Ball Super: Broly released by Toei and became one of the most successful anime movies in the world. The film comes after Dragon Ball Super, which ended in the Power Tournament with the Universe 7 defeating Universe 11. After three films, Broly canonizes the new movie and reintroduces the character essentially. Broly portrayed as a Saiyan who, by his people, was banished to a distant planet. Years later, Frieza forced him into the fight with Broly, Goku and Vegeta. To beat Broly, it takes its form of fusion, Gogeta.

About Broly

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The film does something about Broly, who has not tested any of his non-canon movies with the character. Dragon Ball Super: Broly transforms him into an incomprehensible character who first offers him depth. It is clear that Broly is not a bad Dragon Ball Super, and he is not a real villain. He is a guy of a somewhat benevolent character. The immense strength of whom used for abuse by men including his uncle and Frieza. Goku and Broly were not enemies any more at the end of the film, and Goku even wanted to spark with Broly in the future.

The Movie

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How Dragon Ball moves out from here is not entirely clear, but a new movie and probably even as a new anime show expected to continue the franchise. Broly fits into Toei’s plans, one of the biggest questions regarding the future of Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Super: Broly allows Broly brave, which could mean that, when the next threat comes out, he would consider himself on the Goku’s side.

Because Gogeta needed Broly to escape.  Broly was more active than Gokú, making it fascinating to see how the role would portrayed in a potential TV series or movie. When Goku finds himself in a position in which again the most powerful warriors in Universe 7 sought. Broly seems to be the most obvious choice. If Broly would come back to the Legendary Super Saiyan. The protagonist of Dragon Ball could find himself playing the 2nd fiddle.

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