Interesting Information About Zamasu – The Character Is Said To Be A Black Goku In Dragon Ball

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Although only appeared in episode 53, Zamasu is judged to possess the power like Black Goku which even be stronger so let’s find out how is this character.
Due to his use of Goku’s body, he is very similar to Goku, only his appearance is a bit fragile and not muscular like Goku.

Interesting Information About Zamasu - The Character Is Said To Be A Black Goku In Dragon Ball
Black Goku is an extremely confident, brutal and heartless person. He bluntly destroyed a planet without hesitation. He always believed that mankind is the most disgusting creature, the foundation of war, so the existence of mankind will stain away this world, so destroying humanity is necessary to create a good world, more beautiful
According to the Whis word, he used to be a Kaio of universe 10 and even a genius. This helps him to create and possess extremely special fighting technical and has contributed greatly to become next Kaiosin of universe 10. He is a student of Gowasu Sama god and is considered to be a god with the pure soul

Interesting Information About Zamasu - The Character Is Said To Be A Black Goku In Dragon Ball
Black Goku first appeared in the battle with Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Super. He has destroyed most of his life here, only Future Trunks, Future Mai and others are free of death. To defeat him, Future Trunks used the time machine (created by Future Bulma) to return to the past to find Goku for help.
During his first meeting with Future Trunks, he completely overwhelmed Future Trunks. When confronting Goku in the past, his power is not inferior to Goku. However, due to time being bent, he was sucked back into the future, so that battle did not greatly assess his power. But through that battle, he learned a lot from Goku, especially his fighting style and skills.

At his first meeting with Goku SSJ Blue, Vegeta SSJ Blue and Future Trunks in the future, he reveals his superior strength, in turn, defeating Vegeta Blue and Goku Blue in the state of Super Saiyan Rose.
Plus the help of Future Zamasu (Immortal God), Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks failed miserably and needed the help of Future Mai and Yajirobe to return to the past.
With the second meeting in the future, Black Goku revealed his true identity. He is the Zamasu of the past, he killed Master Gowasu to steal Potara’s time ring and earrings (although Whis prevented this, in another timeline, it still happened).
He used it to find the Dragon Ball Super to wish to swap bodies with Goku and wish for the Future Zamasu to be immortal. He then kills Goku, who is exchanged with his body, Chi Chi and Goten, and destroys Dragon Ball Super. Goku is extremely angry, his power increases and attacks him, making him extremely surprised and surprised. While Goku was inadvertent, he attacked and defeated him with the Air Blade (improved from the Sword Sword).
He also blames Future Trunks for using a time machine to create time loopholes and alter the past even if it is to save people. Future Trunks is furious at this and in the meantime, he has achieved a new state “Super Saiyan carries God Ki”.
Future Trunks had a fierce battle with Black Goku and Future Zamasu, he fought with all his might to create time to help Goku and Vegeta return to the past to try to defeat him. And he finally waited for them to come back. With this return, Goku learned a great way to seal the “Third Wind” to seal Future Zamasu, and Vegeta with his continuous training in the time and spirit room, his strength increased. up a lot.
Vegeta SSJ Blue has continually fed Black Goku. This is probably Vegeta’s most majestic and wonderful moment.
Despite possessing immense power, an immortal body, selling Saiyan but Black Goku is the Fusion Zamasu’s weakness. He was from a God who gradually became a demon and when he sold his soul to the devil, he was completely purified by Future Zeno.
The information above is about Black Goku. Hope that you will be satisfied with the information we provide

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