Jiren’s Power, The “Bad Guy” Is arguably The Strongest.


One of the most interesting things that the Power Ball in Dragon Ball Super brings to the fans is Jiren. Jiren is an extremely powerful warrior from the universe 11. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball and have seen this movie, you certainly won’t be impressed by this Justice Warrior – the one who can arguably the strongest power tournament.

Jiren's Power, The "Bad Guy" Is arguably The Strongest.

Jiren is a member of the Pride Troopers who participated in the Tournament of Power with the purpose of obtaining a wish from the Super Dragon Balls. He is an extraordinary powerful mortal in the multiverse who is even stronger than a Destroyer. He is a quiet and honorable fighter, who believes in strength and justice. He previously did not trust anyone and never considered teamwork at all during battle, opting to fight enemies single-handly, and almost always winning.

Jiren is a tall humanoid with an extremely muscular and well-defined build. He has a large, sleek head similar in shape similar to the folkloric aliens known as the Greys. He has gray skin, big round black eyes with enlarged pupils, flat round ears, and a barely visible flat nose. He wears the uniform of the Pride Troopers, consisting of a red, spandex-like suit with black sections around the collar and legs, white gloves, and white boots.

With Goku, Jiren is an extremely tough opponent. You can see that with only his huge Ki, Jiren was able to overwhelm the Sutra – one of Songoku’s two most powerful moves with ease. This once caused the fan community to be skeptical and stop talking about Jiren’s strength.Goku is very strong, everyone knows that but he still loses to Jiren a few times before he can win after fully awakening Infinity. So, the chance of the Dragon Ball. Superseries will come back this year, let’s recall how Jiren became so strong.
In Episode 127 Dragon Ball Super, when the Power Tournament is about to end, Jiren’s origin is revealed by the destructive spirit of the 11th universe. Turns out to be as powerful as it is now, Jiren had to go through an unhappy past.

Jiren's Power, The "Bad Guy" Is arguably The Strongest.
As a child, Jiren had to witness the death of his parents and people in his village by evil people. Jiren has been raised and taught by martial arts people. Gradually, Jiren has more comrades and they work together to fight against evil forces. Until the day there was a strong evil force appeared that defeated Jiren’s teacher and many of his comrades died. The survivors were also afraid to run away and leave Jiren alone.
Once again, Jiren lost all his relatives, realizing that only strength could decide everything. Jiren aspires to have the strength to take revenge on all those who have inflicted death on his family and teammates.
But according to me, a normal person who possesses such power is not normal at all. Even Kaioken Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue is not Jiren’s opponent.
Despite that, Jiren still loses to Goku at the end of the power tournament, at the end of the film, we see Jiren promising himself to become stronger to fight Goku again. I wonder how strong Jiren will be to have a chance to win against Goku if Monkey can fully master the infinite instincts? Let’s wait and see!


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