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Top Interesting Dragon Ball Facts You Should Know

The Dragon Ball is a Japanese media establishment made by Akira Toriyama in 1984. The underlying manga, composed and represented by Toriyama, was first distributed in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1984 to 1995, with the 519 individual sections gathered into 42 tankōbon volumes by its distributer Shueisha.

Top Interesting Dragon Ball Fact You Should Know
Top Interesting Dragon Ball Fact You Should Know

the Dragon Ball was initially motivated by the old-style sixteenth-century Chinese novel Journey toward the West, joined with components of Hong Kong hand-to-hand fighting movies. The series follows the experiences of hero Son Goku from his youth through adulthood as he prepares in hand-to-hand fighting. He spends his youth a long way from development until he meets a high schooler young lady named Bulma, who urges him to join her journey in investigating the world looking for the seven spheres known as the Dragon Balls, which bring a wish-conceding mythical beast when assembled. Along with his excursion, Goku makes a few different companions, turns into a family man, finds his outsider legacy, and fights a wide assortment of scoundrels, a significant number of whom likewise look for the Dragon Balls.

Top Interesting Dragon Ball Fact You Should Know
Top Interesting Dragon Ball Fact You Should Know

Since its delivery, Dragon Ball has gotten quite possibly the best manga and anime series ever, with the manga sold in more than 40 nations and the anime broadcast above 80 nations. It extensively affects worldwide mainstream society, referred to by and rousing various craftsmen, competitors, big names, producers, artists,, and scholars across the world. In case you are partial to Dragon Ball, you shouldn’t pass up a great opportunity to the accompanying realities about Dragon Ball.

  1. Akira Toriyama’s Favourite Character is Piccolo

Top Interesting Dragon Ball Fact You Should Know
Top Interesting Dragon Ball Fact You Should Know

As you probably are aware, Akira Toriyama is the creator of the Dragon Ball series. With countless notable characters interesting in their own particular manner, each Dragon Ball’s sweetheart unquestionably has his/her #1 person, and maker Akira Toriyama is no special case.

From super Saiyans to androids, the person who gets the most love and insight of Toriyama from Dragon Ball Z is the Namakian champion, Piccolo.

  1. There Are No Female Super Saiyans Through the Dragon Ball Series.

There is a probability that numerous Dragon Ball female fans will be baffled to consider no appearance of female super Saiyans in the entire Dragon Ball series. At the point when the circumstance comes to maker Akira Toriyama as an inquiry, he has uncovered this isn’t a sexism issue, however more to some degree because of his powerlessness to see how a female super Saiyan would resemble.

Top Interesting Dragon Ball Fact You Should Know
Top Interesting Dragon Ball Fact You Should Know

The author Akira Toriyama has also admitted that on the entire Dragon Ball Z there is no super female Saiyans due to his fear that the women’s Saiyans would be too similar to the men.

  1. Goku and Gohan’s Voice Actor.

Every son follows after his dear old dad, both Goku and Gohan are voiced by a popular lady. Disregarding both being male characters, it is a notable Japanese entertainer, Masako Nozawa who voices them. Having destiny with acting, her first presentation accepting a job as a kid entertainer at 3 years old. From that point forward, she eased back moved to voice jobs, and advanced toward Dragon Ball Z anime.

Top Interesting Dragon Ball Fact You Should Know
Top Interesting Dragon Ball Fact You Should Know

Even though it might sound astounding, the dad-child pair of Goku and Gohan are by all accounts not the only ones to be voiced by Nozawa. Except for Raditz, each male individual from Goku’s family is voiced by her.

  1. The number of times that the Earth’s population has died is more than Krillin.

It is by all accounts a repetitive joke among Dragon Ball fans that Krillin kicks the bucket a lot all through the series, and he is just restored by a wish conceded by bringing the winged serpent balls. Regardless of ordinarily of his passing among the Z Fighters, it is generally ignored that the number of inhabitants on the Earth has kicked the bucket more occasions.

Top Interesting Dragon Ball Fact You Should Know
Top Interesting Dragon Ball Fact You Should Know

Altogether, the Earth’s populace has been killed in four distinct circumstances. The first run-through, life here was harmed by Kid Buu, the subsequent time was by Frieza, the third event was by Future Zen-Oh and the last time happened because of a result of the Black Star Dragon Balls. Actually like Krillin, the inhabitants of the Earth get once again to live in without a doubt.

  1. In the whole Dragon Ball series, Goku has only killed two characters.

It might sound abnormal, however, for all his astonishing forces and abilities, our principal hero Goku has just killed two individuals all through the series. As perhaps the most talented warrior and a primary person, Goku participates in a ton of very outrageous battles on his excursion and consistently faces up with various underhanded characters. Accordingly, it accompanies bunches of shock when we know this reality.

Top Interesting Dragon Ball Fact You Should Know
Top Interesting Dragon Ball Fact You Should Know

Dissimilar to Vegeta who has a colossal interest in killing, the sole two characters whose life has been taken by Goku are Babidi’s crony Yakon and Kid Buu. The main adversary to be killed by Goku was Yakon during the initial phases of the Buu Saga. Yakon was one of Babidi’s flunkies who were attempting to free Majin Buu.

Diagram Description automatically generated with low confidence
Top Interesting Dragon Ball Fact You Should Know

The accompanying adversary that Goku killed in a battle was Kid Buu. The primary adversary of the Kid Buu adventure, Kid Buu is Majin Buu’s valid and unique structure. His flightiness and underhanded nature made Kid Buu one of the premier perilous rivals that Goku has needed to look down.

In our blog, we have referenced some Dragon Ball realities you don’t wanna pass up a major opportunity. We trust you had the option to gain proficiency with a couple of new things about her and on the off chance that you knew these realities as of now – congrats, you’re a bad-to-the-bone of Dragon Ball.

Thank You for Reading Our Article.

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Christmas is coming to us as the most expected season in the year. A wreath of leaves or pine is often put on the front door of a house as a sign of welcome. The best Christmas gift that God gave us is each of us with caring for each other. If you are preparing for the list of Christmas presents but have been busy with the hustle and bustle life? Or whether you want a special gift for every single beloved one in the next extraordinary holiday season? We are here to help you. Thus, today I introduce you to the Coolest Dragon Ball Z Lamps Perfect For Christmas 2020.

1. DRAGON BALL Z Son Goku Genki Dama Spirit Bomb DIY 3D Light Lamp

DRAGON BALL Z Son Goku Genki Dama Spirit Bomb DIY 3D Light Lamp

If you are a fan of the Dragon Ball Z series in particular or just the Dragon Ball franchise in general, there is no way that you will not like this product. After all, the Spirit Bomb skill has always been a game-changer for Son Goku throughout the years. For example, it is the one skill that took down the most dangerous being of Universe 7, Kid Buu. That is not all, as while it did not manage to do the same to Jiren, it actually gave Son Goku a chance to discover his most powerful form to date, the Ultra Instinct.

2. Son Goku vs Son Gohan Kamehameha DIY 3D Light Lamp

Son Goku vs Son Gohan Kamehameha DIY 3D Light Lamp

For any fan of the Dragon Ball saga as a whole, there is no way that you do not remember the Father and Son Kamehameha scene. After all, if things go like they are intended, that would be the moment Son Goku stopped being the main focus of the series and Son Gohan will step up to fill his shoes. While that did not happen, the scene is still one of the most emotionally powerful scenes in the history of anime.

Looking at the context of this product are you familiar? Son Goku’s fierce battle scene with the legendary technique that any reader knows well. Create detailed, sophisticated images with a scene deck system and led lights that easily impress anyone who has ever seen it. This is also the reason it is in the top best products that we recommend.

3. DBZ Vegeta Super Saiyan DIY 3D Light Lamp

DBZ Vegeta Super Saiyan DIY 3D Light Lamp

Vegeta (ベジータ Bejīta), more specifically Vegeta IV (ベジータ四世 Bejīta Yonsei, lit. “Vegeta the Fourth”), recognized as Prince Vegeta (ベジータ王子 Bejīta Ōji) is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race and one of the major characters of the Dragon Ball series.

It’s another design version of vegeta, but this time the product impresses the viewers by the simple design, durable and solid materials with reasonable layout, really a gift worth buying. In addition, it is not limited to color, you absolutely do not have to worry about not having the colors suitable for your taste.

4. Son Goku VS Broly Led Scene Anime DIY 3D Light Lamp

Son Goku VS Broly Led Scene Anime DIY 3D Light Lamp

As always, I have reserved the first place for the strongest of the Z fighters and the absolute fan favorite, Son Goku. Of course, he will not be alone as this Son Goku VS Broly Led Scene Anime DIY 3D Light Lamp will also have Son Goku’s arguably hardest to defeat the enemy: Broly. In addition, aside from its spiritual value, this product is also quite a great buy as a gift for your friends or families in the upcoming Christmas day. The set is actually completely Do-It-Yourself, so it has another kind of appeal. However, you should remember that it only has the standard plug of the U.S

5. DBZ Ultimate Frieza Strength Bombs DIY 3D Light Lamp

DBZ Ultimate Frieza Strength Bombs DIY 3D Light Lamp

Due to his emergence in the recently ending Dragon Ball Super series, the Emperor of the Universe, Frieza, has managed to again capture the hearts of quite a humongous number of fans. Due to that, I would like to give them something to celebrate Christmas Eve in the form of this DBZ Ultimate Frieza Strength Bombs DIY 3D Light Lamp. Furthermore, this product is not just great in the artistic sense, you can actually also give it to your friends or even families as a beautiful gift.

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We are in the final months of 2020 – a turbulent year for the world, put aside epidemic fears and celebrate Christmas this year with the hot products we update in our post. Here are the top 10 products that are most sought after by DBZ fans:

1. Dragon Ball Z Anime Raglan Fashion Hoodie

64683 yvt6vl - DBZ Shop

Red is a strength. Red is specially born for the Christmas season. With the imagine of Goku- one of the main DBZ ‘s characters and high-end blending material of cotton and polyester, this hoodie is absolutely a flawless item for the cold vibe of Christmas this year

The best gift is to transfer the hidden message towards the beloveds. When the extra layer of the jacket is put on, don’t forget to say you love them!


2. Orange DBZ Symbol PS4 PRO

Dragon Ball Z PS4 Skin Collection

Your friend is a hardcore gamer and also a Dragon Ball comic fan? He always dreams of owning a cover of DBZ for his PS4 “bae”. Of course, it is not as much as you. Charming with the orange cover and the symbol of  Dragon Ball in the DBZ The Tree of Might, Lord Slug chapter ” 悟” and 亀, bringing them this awesome gift you will be his angel forever.
In case you run out of idea “What gift am I going to buy for my friend?”, check this one!

3. Unique Super Strong Goku 3D Hoodie

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Another design is also the red characteristic of Christmas, a shirt with the image of the super cool Goku character, prominent on the black shirt. This item not only impresses not only DBZ fans but also those who have not seen the movie because of its strength and attraction, making you stand out from the crowd.

4. Collection Hot Anime DBZ Goku Casual Jogging Pants

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Hoodie has been purchased, just add a pair of leggings, you will have a perfect outfit. The item has a simple design, comfortable but quite impressive with the symbol “悟” and the image of the main character Goku, the product has 2 colors: black and gray to help you easily choose the color according to the suit. and my preferences. This will be a very good choice for a Christmas gift for men who love Dragon Ball.

5. Anime Dragon Ball Z SSJ 2 Goku Strength Bombs DIY 3D Light Lamp

4 1 - DBZ Shop

DBZ lamp products have never been an outdated item for fans of this movie. And especially, if you want to warm up your room or that of someone you love this Christmas, this will be a meaningful gift that we recommend for you. Light with a compact structure, easy to use, the image of a thorny Goku fighting even though he is exhausted is probably the image that most viewers are impressed with. Do not miss this meaningful item.

6. Red Dragon Ball Symbol Converse Shoes​

Red Dragon Ball Symbol Converse Shoes

This Kame logo really created an interesting combination for these shoes. Simple colors and special designs make these shoes much more beautiful.

This Kame school uniform logo shoe will surely satisfy the most fastidious fashion followers. Become a unique Goku Cosplayer and let people admire you!

90% polyester+10% spandex. Features dragon ball print, catch eyes and have fun every time, you can give it to your child, he will like it
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This is a great Christmas gift for your children, friends and relatives.

Dragon Ball Z Backpack Master Roshi Kanjji​ - DBZ Shop

Master Roshi’s kanji, 亀, pronounced kame and means “turtle”, is the kanji that all Master Roshi disciples wear after completing the training. This kanji is embroidered on the upper left of the Turtle School uniform and is larger in size on the back. It was also painted on the back of the stone that Roshi had tested Goku and Krillin in the early days of the training.

This backpack was inspired by Kame’s school uniform. You can use it to hold books to school, hang out, …

8. Black & White Spring Autumn Dragon Ball Z Bomber Jackets

Black & White Spring Autumn Dragon Ball Z Bomber Jackets

This is one of the best-selling jackets in the Dragon Ball Z jacket line. It is made of durable materials like cotton and polyester spandex. The back of the jacket has the symbol of Kame school printed. The jacket is lined with fleece so it has a good warm-keeping effect, which is suitable for cold winter days.
It includes 2 colors cool black and white personality.

Moreover, the simple yet extremely unique design of this jacket helps you create your own impression no matter what type of clothing is combined.

If you are a Dragon Ball fan, you definitely can’t ignore this model.

9. Goku God On Fire DBZ Converse Shoes

Goku God On Fire DBZ Converse Shoes

Another Dragon Ball Black & White shoes. These shoes are for those who are fans of Goku. Certainly when you see these shoes, you will be extremely satisfied by its style. Moreover, the print on the shoe is also very beautiful, Goku looks very cool and masculine. It will be a big omission if Dragon Ball fans in general and Son Goku in particular do not have it in their shoe lockers.

You Perfect Pair of sneakers is awaiting! You’ll never walk alone!

Don’t hesitate, quickly add to your shoe cabinet these super cool shoes!

10. Dragon Ball Z Popular Classic Anime Posters

Dragon Ball Z Popular Classic Anime Posters

Over the years, Dragon Ball’s star protagonist, Goku, has seen some wild transformations that propel his power far beyond the expected, usually accompanied by a slick new hairdo.

Goku’s desperate struggle to survive against Jiren is what allows him to shatter his “self-limiting shells,” and activate the initial Ultra Instinct -Sign- form. Goku is eventually able to complete the Ultra Instinct form, but initially, it’s his Spirit Bomb

This poster is based on Goku ultra instinct. If you are a fan of Goku, this is a great choice for you. Order now

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Goku is undoubtedly one of Dragon Ball’s strongest characters. But what secrets is the Saiyan’s body hiding?

While he isn’t exactly known for being the smartest character in Dragon Ball, Goku more than makes up for that with his strength. Even by Saiyan standards, he’s seen as a mighty warrior. Time and time again, he’s proven that he is one of the most powerful mortals this side of the multiverse.

His body has taken its fair share of beatings over the years, though, from being squeezed by giant ape Vegeta to surviving heart disease to having a laser shot through his chest. Despite all of this, he still looks young and spry, and will probably continue fighting until his body fully gives out on him. With that in mind, here are five weird facts about Goku’s body you may or may not know.

Goku’s Growth Was Stunted

unnamed file 19 - DBZ Shop

When we met Goku in the first episode of Dragon Ball, he was a tiny little squirt running around the woods. But did you know that he was actually considered short, even for his young age? At the start of the series, he was around 12 years old, much to our — and Bulma’s — surprise. Many people thought he was actually younger than 10. It wasn’t until he had a couple of growth spurts between the ages of 15 and 25 that he actually started looking his age. Of course, that never stopped him from taking on opponents much bigger than him.

Goku Doesn’t Age… For A While

unnamed file 20 - DBZ Shop

Despite the series spanning well over 30 years, Goku doesn’t have a single wrinkle or gray hair, while other characters around him do show signs of aging. This is because Saiyans don’t show signs of aging until they reach about 80 years old. This fact could explain why he didn’t look like he’d hit puberty until a later age. It probably also helps that his body is regenerated numerous times throughout the series. If he keeps this up, he may end up looking young for much longer than the average Saiyan. Whatever the reason is, doctors hate him.

Goku Is Able To Withstand Intense Gravity

unnamed file 22 - DBZ Shop

As we see multiple times in the series, Goku’s body is able to withstand extreme levels of gravity. The first time this becomes apparent, he’s training with King Kai after being killed in his fight with Raditz. This becomes a go-to training method for him and other characters, as it increases their strength and dexterity.

The only time he seems to be in real danger is when his ship malfunctions on the way to Namek with the machine set to 100 x Earth’s gravity. Even then, he decides to keep it at this level to prepare for his fight against Frieza. It’s also implied that he and Vegeta use the Gravity Machine at Capsule Corp. for sparring in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga, though it’s not clear at what level they train. Vegeta has been seen training at 500 x Earth’s gravity, but there have been hints that Goku too could withstand it with some further training. Nothing can keep these boys down — not even physics.

Goku’s Hairstyle May Be Genetic

unnamed file 24 - DBZ Shop

It’s not hair gel that keeps Goku’s signature hairstyle up — it seems to be genetics. When Bardock is introduced, he also sports the particular spiky hair that Goku is known for. While Gohan didn’t inherit this particular gene, Goten was lucky enough to take after dear old Dad. We even see Goku Jr., one of his descendants, with it in Dragon Ball GT’s last episode, as well as in Dragon Ball GT: A Hero’s Legacy, though the character is not considered canon within Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball lore.

Even his mother Gine and older brother Raditz have matching hairstyles. This begs the question, do hairstyles signify which family a Saiyan comes from — sort of like a family crest? Or is it just one of those weird anime things?

Goku’s Biggest Bodily Weakness Is… Needles

unnamed file 25 - DBZ Shop

For someone as powerful as Goku, the sight of a needle should be nothing. Yet, as soon as he lays eyes on one, he’s reduced to a blubbering mess of cowardice. While not included in the manga, the phobia adds a bit of relatability to his anime counterpart. It’s never explained why he’s so scared of them, but most fears aren’t rational. Let’s just hope none of Dragon Ball‘s villains find out about it.

We’ve watched Goku grow up from a tiny 12-year-old to a towering powerhouse over the span of Dragon Ball and its sequels, and yet there are still mysteries about how his and other Saiyans’ anatomy works. Between the various power-ups and the monster appetite, it’s unclear why they, of all other alien races, make such great fighters. And even among Saiyans, Goku is still a one-off.

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Super Dragon Ball Heroes is continuing through the second season of its promotional anime series, and the next episode for the Big Bang Mission arc has revealed its synopsis. The Big Bang Mission arc has taken the fight against Fu to a new level when a stronger and beefed up version of the Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn villain Janemba was introduced. This meant that the Xeno versions of Goku and Vegeta had a tough fight on their hands that pushed the limits of their Super Saiyan 4 powers to a new stage.

The Big Bang Mission arc is really only beginning as the next episode of the series takes the fight to a couple of new foes. Episode 7 Super Dragon Ball Heroes’ Big Bang Mission arc is titled “Rampaging Terror! The Evil Aura Returns!” The synopsis for the new episode (as translated by @DBSChronicles on Twitter) teases the return of some foes we had seen teased at the beginning of the arc along with Gohan and Android 17’s return to the fight.

unnamed file - DBZ Shop

The synopsis begins as such, “Goku and co. invade the cracks of time where the universe tree grows. There, Gohan and 17, who were already brought there by Fu, fight their fated enemies, Bojack and Super 17. Thanks to Towa, the Time Patrollers disappear, leaving behind Goku and Vegeta to fight Fu.” These aren’t the only major returns, however, as like the title of the episode implies we’ll be seeing a much more prominent return.

The final piece of the synopsis teases the return of Evil Saiyan Cumber (who we had last seen fighting Golden Cooler in the first season of the promotional series), and more ominously, the return of his evil aura, “During the fierce fight, the evil aura of Cumber controlled by Fu attacks Goku and co. and causes therm to go berserk…”

The next episode of the Big Bang Mission arc is scheduled for a release sometime in September, but no concrete release date has been revealed as of this writing. What did you think of the newest Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode?

Excited to see what’s next for the Episode 7 of the season? What have you thought of the first few episodes of the Big Bang Mission season so far?

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods was not only exciting because it was the first new Dragon Ball anime content in a long time, but that it opened up the franchise to godly new levels of power. Over the course of Dragon Ball Super we have seen Goku and Vegeta inch their way towards these godly new levels with Goku even breaking through at the end of the original anime series. But is it possible that the two of them have hit their power ceiling? Did Dragon Ball Super just limit how strong Goku and Vegeta can get? And if it did, is it a bad thing?

The fight against Planet Eater Moro has been a difficult one in that Goku and Vegeta have been dealt their most decisive loss in the series to date. Much like their fight against Fused Zamasu, the two of them have been defeated so soundly that it’s going to take divine intervention to save them. But the difference here is, Goku and Vegeta have trained to near god level abilities — yet could not quite get there.

The more the Dragon Ball franchise runs on, the stronger Goku and Vegeta have seemed. But the fight with Moro is just a cap on Dragon Ball Super’s bringing them back down to Earth. Although they do have all these fantastical new power ups at their disposal, it’s all essentially meaningless as both Goku and Vegeta continue to confront their limits with each fight. It’s always been this way as losing is built into a Saiyan’s blood, but it feels especially poignant with the loss to Moro.

Mastered Ultra Instinct currently seems like the strongest transformation in the Dragon Ball world, as even the Gods of Destruction honored its arrival with Goku, but Goku currently cannot reach it on his own. This could have been a fluke as Goku just reached it under the pressure of saving his universe, but if it’s not it has yet to be proved at the time of this writing. Even with his training with Merus, Goku could not magically do it through training like his reaching other forms in the past. It almost as if Vegeta realized too.

unnamed file 1 - DBZ Shop

Instead of following Goku’s path in the no longer fruitful chase for power, Vegeta trained to use his current strength in creative ways. Vegeta chose to fight smarter, not harder, yet it still was not enough to defeat Moro despite how much stronger this training made him. So the major question being, is this really it for how strong they can become? Will Goku and Vegeta remain at this level and not potentially take on the entire multiverse?

If this turns out to be the case, it would not be the worst thing. Not only would it fall back in line with canonical end of Dragon Ball Z (which this is still supposed to lead into apparently), but it would change the scope of the fights from here on out. The two Saiyans will have to find new ways to defeat their opponents and come face to face with their own mortality. This too, would bring us back to End of Z with Vegeta deciding to ease up on fighting and Goku starts training those who could surpass him.

What do you think? Will Goku and Vegeta still find a way to get stronger and defeat Moro? Will the loss here make them fight differently? Could this even be the final arc of the series?

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Viz’s twelfth collected volume of the Dragon Ball Super manga will be released 02 March 2021, covering chapters 53-56 (as well as a two-page bonus chapter) a la its Japanese counterpart:

” The villain Moro has released vicious criminals from the Galactic Prison, and now they’re ravaging the galaxy in their search for planets with exceptional life energy! Meanwhile, back on Earth, members of the Bandit Brigade have shown up, including Seven-Three, who has the ability to copy other fighters’ powers. How will Piccolo and the others fare against this new threat without Goku around?”

Print editions retail for $9.99 MSRP. Digital editions of each will also be available at various retailers, including Amazon, Comixology, and direct from Viz.
unnamed file 4 - DBZ Shop
The Dragon Ball Super “comicalization” began in June 2015, initially just ahead of the television series, and running both ahead and behind the series at various points. The manga runs monthly in Shueisha’s V-Jump magazine, with the series’ sixty-second chapter coming last week in the magazine’s September 2020 issue. Illustrated by “Toyotarō” (in all likelihood, a second pen-name used by Dragon Ball AF fan manga author and illustrator “Toyble”), the Dragon Ball Super manga covered the Battle of Gods re-telling, skipped the Resurrection ‘F’ re-telling, and “charged ahead” to the Champa arc, “speeding up the excitement of the TV anime even more”. Though the television series has completed its run, the manga continues onward, entering its own original “Galactic Patrol Prisoner” arc. Viz is currently releasing free digital chapters of the series, and began their own collected print edition back in 2017. The next collected volume — the tenth — is due out this September (followed by the eleventh in December, and now the twelfth in March).

The Dragon Ball Super television series concluded in March 2018 with 131 total episodes. FUNimation owns the American distribution license for the series, with the English dub having wrapped its broadcast on Cartoon Network, and the home video release reaching its tenth and final box set back in January.

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Dragon Ball Super, if nothing else, has given Goku and Vegeta some of the most difficult battles that they’ve ever been a part of, with villains like Beerus, Zamasu, Jiren, and Moro giving them more than they can handle and it seems as if the latest arc has once again brought the two Saiyan warriors down a peg once again. With the current arc of the series focusing on the Z Fighters battling against the energy absorbing wizard of Moro, their loss represents the latest string in a long line of losses in the latest series!

Warning! If you ahve yet to catch up on the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super’s manga, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we’ll be diving into some serious spoiler territory!

While we certainly weren’t expecting an easy victory of Goku and Vegeta this time around, having their Super Saiyan Blue forms beaten soundly by Moro, we certainly weren’t expecting a win from the horned antagonist against the first form of Ultra Instinct and Forced Spirit Fission. With Goku having trained beneath Merus to better understand the god-like transformation of Ultra Instinct and Vegeta learning more on the Planet Yardrat, the same world responsible for Instant Transmission, both were beaten down quite easily by the new and improved Moro.

unnamed file 3 - DBZ Shop

Dragon Ball Super has given Goku and Vegeta loss after loss, starting with Beerus defeating them, leaving Goku after their fight. The God of Destruction was then followed by resurrected Freeza who was only defeated thanks to the intervention of Whis and his time reversing ability. Following this, Zamasu, the rogue Kaioshin, was only defeated thanks to the intervention of Zeno, the god amonst gods. While Goku was able to team up with Freeza against Jiren during the Tournament of Power, he still was not able to win it as Android 17 was the last one standing!

With Merus entering the fight, are we going to get another battle that results in both Goku and Vegeta ultimately not being able to “claim victory” when all is said and done? With Goku having mastered Ultra Instinct Sign and Vegeta now having the power to undo fusions and power absorbing techniques, it would truly be a shame if either of the two Saiyans weren’t able to ultimately pull out a win here.

What do you think of Goku and Vegeta’s losing streak in Dragon Ball Super?

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61 reveals a new upgrade for Moro, and now he’s stronger than ever.

Millions of years prior to even the original Dragon Ball series, the Grand Supreme Kai and South Supreme Kai united to take down Moro, a powerful wizard and energy-absorbing villain that posed a major threat to the universe. Grand Supreme Kai eventually defeated Moro, taking the villain into the custody of the Galactic Patrol. Moro remained in custody until the events of Dragon Ball Super. Shortly after his escape, the villain used the Namekian Dragon Balls to restore his original power and further boosted that by absorbing energy during a rampage across the universe. If that wasn’t enough, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61 gives him another upgrade — and now he’s stronger than ever.

At the start of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61, Moro faces off against Vegeta. At first, the villain has the advantage over the Saiyan Prince, and looks like he’ll win despite Vegeta’s latest power upgrade. This isn’t particularly surprising, as Moro was able to defeat Goku despite that Saiyan using the godly Ultra Instinct Sign transformation. However, things turn against Moro, as it’s revealed Vegeta learned a technique called Forced Spirit Fission on Planet Yardrat. This move separates Moro from all of the power he absorbed, and the villain eventually reverts back to his emaciated state from before when he used the Namekian Dragon Balls.

With Moro at his mercy, Vegeta gets permission from Jaco to finally put the powerful villain — who was previously unkillable — down for good. However, Moro has one more trick up his sleeve: Magic. The villain escapes back to his spaceship, where he kills Shimo-Rekka while Seven-Three watches on in horror. Still, Seven-Three — whose powerful copy ability allowed him to duplicate his master’s abilities during a battle with the Z-Fighters — doesn’t have to ruminate long on his ally’s death. Instead, Moro literally eats Seven-Three to absorb his powers.

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Vegeta, who pursues the villain, is shocked by what happens and ends up getting knocked out by Moro in his new form. As the Z-Fighters look on from Earth, Goku remarks Moro is now even stronger than he was before. When the villain does finally touch back down on Earth, Moro has a new form, which is something of a fusion between himself and Seven-Three. The villain then reveals Seven-Three held a complete back-up of Moro and his abilities. Plus, by absorbing Seven-Three, Moro now has access to that henchman’s copy ability.

Thanks to this turn of events, Moro is deadlier than ever. While Vegeta’s Forced Spirit Fission may still be able to sap the villain’s power in some way, the Saiyan Prince is seemingly down for the count, so it’s unlikely he’ll be able to compete with Moro in earnest anytime soon. This is also a particularly bleak outcome for the Z-Fighters. Prior to Vegeta’s return, the group seemed destined to lose to Moro. Nothing has changed for them, and now they’re even more hopelessly outclassed. Still, Goku is one fighter who, when faced with a challenge, always finds a way to break past his limits, so it may just be that he accesses a higher form of Ultra Instinct to take down Moro. It may also be that the Angel Merus finally gives into his instincts and interferes in the battle, despite the fact such an action will violate his vow of neutrality and cost him his life.

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Dragon Ball Super introduced the Super Saiyan Blue form. Could a Super Saiyan Blue go Super Saiyan 3? It’s possible. It would also be dangerous.

Dragon Ball Super introduced the concept of Super Saiyan Gods — a hyper-powerful new transformation that augmented a Super Saiyan. Unlike previous Super Saiyan transformations, Super Saiyan God forms were not simply the next form in a line of transformations, but stood alongside the other Super Saiyan forms. They’re similar to the Kaio-Ken technique, which could be compounded with the pre-existing Super Saiyan form.

This led to the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form — otherwise known as Super Saiyan Blue. Super Saiyan God forms resembled the normal base Saiyan form, but Goku and Vegeta came to realize they could then harness their Super Saiyan forms while in Super Saiyan God form.

While Goku and Vegeta kept trying to push further beyond this form — as seen by both the Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken form and Ultra Instinct form — fans have theorized that both Goku and Vegeta could push even further beyond: combine the Super Saiyan God form with Super Saiyan 3.

What Is Super Saiyan 3?

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Super Saiyan transformations expend a great amount of ki. Radiant auras spray energy out in bursts strong enough to bust open planets. This is true for the Kaio-Ken as well, which multiplies an individual’s energy while putting a strain on the body. Part of Goku’s training as a Super Saiyan is to maintain the Super Saiyan form as a base form, allowing him to better access their abilities.

Transforming into a Super Saiyan 2 or 3 drains Goku of energy and strength. In the Buu Saga, Goku is only able to maintain the form for brief intervals of time, while Gotenks’ transformation into Super Saiyan 3 consumes so much energy it significantly shortens the length of the half-hour fusion.

From this information, it could be assumed that the different forms consume different levels of energy, but the reality is that all Super Saiyan forms are the same form, pushed to greater extremes. Because of this, Super Saiyan 1, 2, and 3 aren’t separate techniques, but the same technique, just with extra, channeled energy.

In a June 2014 interview in Saikyo Jump, Akira Toriyama confirmed that the Super Saiyan 3 is not in fact a separate form, but rather a hyped-up version of the Super Saiyan transformation. “Super Saiyan 2 and 3 are nothing more than powered-up variations of Super Saiyan. After the fight with Beerus, Goku realized that mastering his normal state and Super Saiyan would raise his level more and sap less strength, so I think he probably won’t become Super Saiyan 2 or 3 any more.”

In this sense, when Goku becomes Super Saiyan 3 in the Buu Saga during Dragon Ball Z and the whole planet starts shaking, the uncontrollable aura is a demonstration of Goku’s weakness, not power. It shows that Goku has incredible strength but very little control of that power.

Super Saiyan Blue IS Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 3

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Super Saiyan Blue is essentially the product of Goku determining a way to utilize the Super Saiyan technique while transformed as a Super Saiyan God — the pure mastery of the Super Saiyan form. As Toriyama implied, mastering his Super Saiyan state allows Goku to control the loss of ki that erupts from his body.

Super Saiyan Blue is a demonstration of Goku and Vegeta’s mastery of both separate techniques. This is why Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta will probably never pop up, because Vegeta has already mastered his Super Saiyan power and surpassed the limitations of Super Saiyan 3 without developing Goku’s unstable power-leaking weakness. Because Super Saiyan 3 is not a separate technique from the normal Super Saiyan technique, Super Saiyan Blue represents the power of Super Saiyan 3 without the power-leak and with extreme control over energy.

Could Goku push his power levels to its utter extreme, creating an unstable power-leaking form that resembles Super Saiyan 3 with blue hair? Possibly. However, consider that Super Saiyan God alone can almost ruptures holes in reality in Dragon Ball Super. If Goku were to lose control of his power as a Super Saiyan God as he does as a Super Saiyan 3, then it’s highly possible that, by virtue of existing in this form, reality itself could break down.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 3 would represent Goku losing control of his power, not necessarily growing more powerful. He wouldn’t destroy his opposition, but rather the reality in which that opposition exists. Nothing in the universe would be able to stop him… because there would be no universe!

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