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Dragon Ball Super Continues Goku and Vegeta’s Harsh Losing Streak

Dragon Ball Super, if nothing else, has given Goku and Vegeta some of the most difficult battles that they’ve ever been a part of, with villains like Beerus, Zamasu, Jiren, and Moro giving them more than they can handle and it seems as if the latest arc has once again brought the two Saiyan warriors […]


Top 10 Shirts That Every Dragon Ball Fan Should Have

[woodmart_title align="left" woodmart_css_id="5cdb83ef3ad13" title="1. New DBZ Anime Short Sleeves Raglan T-Shirts" woodmart_empty_space="" title_width="100"] You'll love this shirt where fashion meets fun. This Dragon Ball Z Goku shirt is comfortable and easy to wear with everything! It made by 100% cotton, high quality, comfortable and breathable .The Dragon Ball Z Goku can be machine washed. You [...]

Top 7 Fun Facts About Son Goku – Dragon Ball Z

Even Dragon Ball’s long-time fans are not sure to know these things. 1.Throughout the series, Goku really killed only two enemies Almost every part of Dragon Ball’s story awaits Songoku’s appearances and defeats powerful, evil, dangerous enemies. However, in reality, at Dragon Ball Z, Goku only really hands down with two main enemies. The first […]


10 Interesting Things About Son Gohan – The Peace-loving Of Dragon Ball

Those who have read  Dragon Ball all know Son Gohan but not everyone knows all the interesting things about him, please read the article carefully to understand more about this character. 1. Gohan was named after the person who raised him Every people knows about the story of Goku’s son and his name. But perhaps […]

Top 5 strongest characters in Dragon Ball

The ranking of the strongest characters in this article only counts the surviving characters. The gods not participating in battle will be excluded from this list so the god who possesses all-powerful powers like Zeno will not be ranked. Finally, the rankings that the writer has given here will only be based on that character’s […]

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