Dragon Ball Figure Limited Edition Collection 2020

DBZ Shop provides the best DBZ Figure Limited Edition about Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo … are some of the most known characters from the popular Japanese anime

Unique design:  We offer wide range collections of figure fimited edition from famous anime main & villain characters like: Songoku, Vegeta, Majin Buu and a lot more to choose from. The figures are not only toys that you can play with, but they can also be collected too.

Ideal material: Our products are manufactured from high quality raw materials.

Perfect choice: Our products will definitely be a great choice for your Dragon Ball Z collection

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Super Saiyan Son Goku VS Long-tail Frieza Figure

RM1,912.66 RM1,501.88

39CM Super Saiyan 4 Broly GK Resin Statue

RM1,335.82 RM1,029.92

Majin Buu Resin Statue Model Toy

RM3,857.31 RM2,655.56

Vegeta VS Cell Resin Battle Scenes Statue

RM2,467.65 RM1,724.75

Cell Resin Limit The Quantity Figure Model Toy

RM2,406.47 RM1,750.97

Childhood Goku Three Changes Great Apes Resin Figure

RM7,685.43 RM5,640.27

Son Goku First Meeting Frieza Looking At The Scenes Figure

RM2,445.80 RM1,711.64

Ultimate Bot Cell Resin Scenes Statue With LED Light


Vegeta & Nappa PVC Scenes Statue Action Figure

RM3,721.84 RM2,865.32

Super Saiyan Broly Combat Scenes Resin Action Figure

RM3,966.56 RM2,860.95

Trunks Android #17 Battle Resin Action Figure

RM2,515.72 RM1,716.01

Migatte No Gokui Goki VS Jiren Resin Statue

RM9,188.71 RM6,824.54