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Top 15 Dragon Ball Merchandise Gifts For Christmas 2020 ( Part 1 )

We are in the final months of 2020 – a turbulent year for the world, put aside epidemic fears and celebrate Christmas this year with the hot products we update in our post. Here are the top 10 products that are most sought after by DBZ fans:

1. Dragon Ball Z Anime Raglan Fashion Hoodie

64683 yvt6vl - DBZ Shop

Red is a strength. Red is specially born for the Christmas season. With the imagine of Goku- one of the main DBZ ‘s characters and high-end blending material of cotton and polyester, this hoodie is absolutely a flawless item for the cold vibe of Christmas this year

The best gift is to transfer the hidden message towards the beloveds. When the extra layer of the jacket is put on, don’t forget to say you love them!


2. Orange DBZ Symbol PS4 PRO

Dragon Ball Z PS4 Skin Collection

Your friend is a hardcore gamer and also a Dragon Ball comic fan? He always dreams of owning a cover of DBZ for his PS4 “bae”. Of course, it is not as much as you. Charming with the orange cover and the symbol of  Dragon Ball in the DBZ The Tree of Might, Lord Slug chapter ” 悟” and 亀, bringing them this awesome gift you will be his angel forever.
In case you run out of idea “What gift am I going to buy for my friend?”, check this one!

3. Unique Super Strong Goku 3D Hoodie

2 1 - DBZ Shop

Another design is also the red characteristic of Christmas, a shirt with the image of the super cool Goku character, prominent on the black shirt. This item not only impresses not only DBZ fans but also those who have not seen the movie because of its strength and attraction, making you stand out from the crowd.

4. Collection Hot Anime DBZ Goku Casual Jogging Pants

3 1 - DBZ Shop

Hoodie has been purchased, just add a pair of leggings, you will have a perfect outfit. The item has a simple design, comfortable but quite impressive with the symbol “悟” and the image of the main character Goku, the product has 2 colors: black and gray to help you easily choose the color according to the suit. and my preferences. This will be a very good choice for a Christmas gift for men who love Dragon Ball.

5. Anime Dragon Ball Z SSJ 2 Goku Strength Bombs DIY 3D Light Lamp

4 1 - DBZ Shop

DBZ lamp products have never been an outdated item for fans of this movie. And especially, if you want to warm up your room or that of someone you love this Christmas, this will be a meaningful gift that we recommend for you. Light with a compact structure, easy to use, the image of a thorny Goku fighting even though he is exhausted is probably the image that most viewers are impressed with. Do not miss this meaningful item.

6. Red Dragon Ball Symbol Converse Shoes​

Red Dragon Ball Symbol Converse Shoes

This Kame logo really created an interesting combination for these shoes. Simple colors and special designs make these shoes much more beautiful.

This Kame school uniform logo shoe will surely satisfy the most fastidious fashion followers. Become a unique Goku Cosplayer and let people admire you!

90% polyester+10% spandex. Features dragon ball print, catch eyes and have fun every time, you can give it to your child, he will like it
3D dye-sublimation, a technology that allows us to produce these insanely vibrant, without ever fading, cracking, peeling or flaking

This is a great Christmas gift for your children, friends and relatives.

Dragon Ball Z Backpack Master Roshi Kanjji​ - DBZ Shop

Master Roshi’s kanji, 亀, pronounced kame and means “turtle”, is the kanji that all Master Roshi disciples wear after completing the training. This kanji is embroidered on the upper left of the Turtle School uniform and is larger in size on the back. It was also painted on the back of the stone that Roshi had tested Goku and Krillin in the early days of the training.

This backpack was inspired by Kame’s school uniform. You can use it to hold books to school, hang out, …

8. Black & White Spring Autumn Dragon Ball Z Bomber Jackets

Black & White Spring Autumn Dragon Ball Z Bomber Jackets

This is one of the best-selling jackets in the Dragon Ball Z jacket line. It is made of durable materials like cotton and polyester spandex. The back of the jacket has the symbol of Kame school printed. The jacket is lined with fleece so it has a good warm-keeping effect, which is suitable for cold winter days.
It includes 2 colors cool black and white personality.

Moreover, the simple yet extremely unique design of this jacket helps you create your own impression no matter what type of clothing is combined.

If you are a Dragon Ball fan, you definitely can’t ignore this model.

9. Goku God On Fire DBZ Converse Shoes

Goku God On Fire DBZ Converse Shoes

Another Dragon Ball Black & White shoes. These shoes are for those who are fans of Goku. Certainly when you see these shoes, you will be extremely satisfied by its style. Moreover, the print on the shoe is also very beautiful, Goku looks very cool and masculine. It will be a big omission if Dragon Ball fans in general and Son Goku in particular do not have it in their shoe lockers.

You Perfect Pair of sneakers is awaiting! You’ll never walk alone!

Don’t hesitate, quickly add to your shoe cabinet these super cool shoes!

10. Dragon Ball Z Popular Classic Anime Posters

Dragon Ball Z Popular Classic Anime Posters

Over the years, Dragon Ball’s star protagonist, Goku, has seen some wild transformations that propel his power far beyond the expected, usually accompanied by a slick new hairdo.

Goku’s desperate struggle to survive against Jiren is what allows him to shatter his “self-limiting shells,” and activate the initial Ultra Instinct -Sign- form. Goku is eventually able to complete the Ultra Instinct form, but initially, it’s his Spirit Bomb

This poster is based on Goku ultra instinct. If you are a fan of Goku, this is a great choice for you. Order now



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