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Dragon Ball Super Will Come Back In July?

As you know, Dragon Ball Super ended at Episode 131 on March 25, 2018. The early ending of this made the fans feel sorry, but now Dragon Ball Super is giving viewers a glimmer of hope to return after the success it brings.


According to current reliable sources (not yet confirmed to be accurate because of waiting for Toei Animation or Akira Toriyama to announce):
Dragon Ball Super will be back in July 2019.
The new part starts to be produced in late September – early October 2018, because the manufacturer wants more time without repeating a number of errors of episode 5 in particular and has more quality episodes.

Funfilms Dbsbroly Landing.0
Interpretation: The DBS producers were not too strict about improving their image, they only asked those who made the episodes to do the best they could. The fact that the artists are very good at DBZ when drawing for Super disappointed because they are not familiar with Yamamuro’s design now.
Naohiro Shintani will be the character designer of Dragon Ball Super this time.

This time, Anime will follow the time circuit in Manga.
It is very likely that the projection time will not be Sunday or the time is different from usual.
The Broly part may not be remade in this series because there was a film about Broly.

Are you anxious to wait for Dragon Ball Super 2019?


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