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Vegeta – The Most Impressive Villain Of The 7 Dragon Ball Series

“Dragon Ball”, the series was composed more than 30 years ago but is still the most popular series in the world, the most admired and always on the list of manga to watch. Therefore, the characters in the story became famous all over the place and were well known. And If Songoku is the role model of a great hero who is endowed by the author best, from pure innocence, kindness, kindness to possessing terrible power to defeat all evil forces to protect Earth, Vegeta is the exact opposite. Vegeta is like a mirror reflecting on another personality of Goku but “more people”, And being human, everyone will have feelings of hate, hatred, greed, and envy towards others to strive to constantly improve ourselves.

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Vegeta is cold, arrogant and extravagant. His pride and self-esteem are the most prominent in his personality. At first, he was a bad person, but later he argued badly, fighting for justice to protect his relatives. He loved his family especially Bulma but he did not confess to the outside.
From a man who has all his hands, the love of his parents, the noble prince status, the king’s dream, but overnight, Vegeta suddenly loses everything when his age is too small. This pain is who knows for him, Vegeta doesn’t even have time to nibble on that pain, you compress it in your heart and you live by the will of vengeance. “It will take more games with the brain to stop me. You may have invaded my soul and body … But there is one thing the Saiyan always holds: BEING HAPPY!”-The famous speech of Vegeta make us admire his personality

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Vegeta thinks that other people hurt him, they trampling, even making his life dark, he must take revenge, must make them suffer the same feeling of badness, this will making him feel gloating and comforted. But is it really like that? Or it is hatred for Frieza that causes the real nature of Vegeta to be corrupted.
Vegeta’s heart is filled with hatred, the idea of โ€‹โ€‹revenge is the only thing that exists to turn him into a cruel man, even though he is in the cruel army of Frieza, he doesn’t hesitate planetary books of other species like what Frieza did with his home planet.
People want to prove themselves from a young age, want to be better and become great in many people’s eyes. But life does not give you everything you want, sometimes you have to go through a painful loss to be able to grow up and get what you want, Vegeta is the same. Being an arrogant person, always upholding himself and hard to accept defeat but life made him fall face down when he just walked into life.
Almost 20 years as a “slave” for Frieza, whom he only wants to kill, does not understand how Vegeta goes through. Most importantly, Vegeta still does not lose the pride of the Saiyan homeland, the pride of the Saiyan race, he always sets himself to be higher than others, considers self-esteem to be life and does not want to receive help from anyone.
This personality of Vegeta is very much like a child who just wants to assert himself, wanting to prove himself to the whole galaxy knowing he is strong. Then, Vegeta meets Goku – the enemy of his life. He wanted to win against Kakarot but never did, he wanted to become stronger so he wouldn’t fall behind, he wasn’t a weak person or easily accepted as a loser.

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Until he stays on Earth and lives with the Z warriors, that Vegeta’s life turns to another brighter page, he no longer has to live a life of obeying another people and he has become more mature. Vegeta no longer wants to kill or conquer the universe, his goal is to overcome Goku. Above all, Vegeta has a place to belong, has a family to protect, children to take care of, a wife to love. Vegeta no longer has to shoulder everything alone, the loner is no longer alone, he realizes the value of friendship, family affection and he appreciates what he has.
Vegeta’s cutest point is that when he works well, he is afraid of being seen by Songoku or others. He lives without noticing how others judge, just if he feels himself.
From an evil person, Vegeta has transformed to become an honest person. Thereby, we understand that people, no matter how bad they are, can become good people by being tolerated by society and accepting them.

Many people will probably say that Vegeta’s life and the process of perfecting himself is not a complicated story, on the contrary, it is easy to understand, sensitive and easy to share. Because when I think about Vegeta, one of us once saw his shadow in him, isn’t it?

Please cap your hat to Prince Saiyan Vegeta, for all he has done.


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