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Is Vegeta The Hero of The New Dragon Ball Super Arc?

In the ongoing Dragon Ball super arc, Vegeta might be given the chance to surpass his longtime rival Goku, while saving the universe in the process.

Those who are familiar with the Dragon Ball franchise may be aware that Goku is the iconic protagonist of the series. As such, most of the arcs within the series ends with Goku showing up at the perfect time to save the day, typically unlocking a new Super Saiyan form in the process. However, in the most recent issues of the Dragon Ball Super manga, we find our usual protagonist on the wrong side at the hands of the new villain Moro, only to be saved by the long anti-hero Vegeta. Now having learned a mysterious new technique, Vegeta confidently stands against Moro, seemingly ready to end this threat for good.

Following the events of the recent movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the manga arc begins with Goku and Vegeta being recruited to stop a new villain known as Moro. However, upon confronting him, the two were shocked to discover that Moro possessed the ability to drain power and energy from other beings. This, in turn, made their powerful Super Saiyan Blue form all but useless when facing such a foe. In response, the two went their separate ways to train and find a means of stopping the power-hungry Moro.

While Moro continued to wreak havoc, Goku trained with the galactic patrolman know as Merus, an angel-like being who is immensely powerful. Throughout the story, Merus trains Goku so he can reach the mastered version of the godlike form known as Ultra Instinct, which debuted in the previous Tournament of Power arc. Unfortunately, he was only able to gain control of the Ultra Instinct Sign version, which is drastically less powerful than the mastered form. With no time left to spare, Goku was forced to fight Moro without completing his training.

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Vegeta, on the other hand, decided to forgo the idea of unlocking Ultra Instinct in favor of learning a new technique on the planet Yadrat, where Goku learned the transportation technique known as Instant Transmission many arcs earlier. In doing so, Vegeta spent quite some time away from the action, similar to how Goku would do in most arcs. While Goku was fighting Moro in his Ultra Instinct Sign form, Vegeta remained on Yardrat in order to find a means of fighting Moro without transforming. Because of this, in the latest issue, we see the protagonist Goku being saved by Vegeta just in the nick of time, who seems more heroic than ever while maintaining his usual cocky attitude.

This is exciting to long-time fans of the franchise because the long-running status quo of Goku being the best might be shaken. This is refreshing because it was starting to seem like there hasn’t been anyone who could surpass or match Goku’s power for quite some time. With that in mind, this leaves the reader to wonder what technique Vegeta learned during his time on Yardrat. Considering all this, one could hope that arc follows through with this setup for Vegeta, who has deserved a victory like this since the Boo Saga.


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