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Whis Vs Vados

Who is Vados


Vados (, Vadosu) is the strongest god of the 6th universe, the martial arts teacher of the Champa Terminator. She always goes with Champa and is also the younger sister of Whis.

Vados has many similarities with his brother Whis, both wise, responsible and very interested in eating

Image2Vados is quite confident about his combat skills as well as his strength, thinking that he is stronger than Whis. However, Whis was quick to protest because it was only a story of 1,000 years ago and it is currently unknown who is stronger.

Whis versus Vados in a one-on-one fight.

How Would This Fit?

Image4The Tournament of Power has ended. Goku and his friends are victorious with Universe 6’s representatives following suit in second place. Zen-Oh sama has decided that the top three universes will survive, keeping both Universe 7 and Universe 6 alive. Upon returning back home, Goku turns to Whis and asks, “You know, we’ve never really gotten to see you or that sister of yours in action. I wonder who’s stronger.” This may peak Whis’s curiosity to truly find out who is truly better. He could then arrange a meeting with Vados and set up a fight to end the arc, or even make it a filler episode. This could place it out of the way of the actual arc and give us the fight that many people have wanted to see.

Is This Possible?


Yes, this fight would be quite possible. Unlike God’s of Destruction, we’ve been told that two angels can fight one another, therefor making them able to perform a battle without negative consequences.


In conclusion, I feel as though Whis and Vados could easily set up a battle in order to finally show us what the two are capable of. While we may not have known Vados for long, it would still prove very interesting to see what she has in store for us. The true power of the angels we have grown close to and want to know more about.


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