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Why Will Broly Be Stronger Than Beerus And Probably Stronger Than Jiren?

Why will Broly be stronger than Beerus and probably Jiren?

Broly is going to be stronger than Beerus!! 

He is going to be stronger than a God of Destruction just like Jiren was back in the “Tournament of Power.”

Is Broly stronger than Jiren?!

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The question we all want to know the answer to is: is Broly stronger than Jiren? Now, most fans do not think so, but this right here is saying that Broly is either very close in power or is even stronger.

There is a good debate going on about how Jiren compares to Beerus and other Gods of Destruction. We know that Jiren is “the mortal that not even a god of destruction can beat”, but there is debate among the fanbase as to the definition of “a” in this context. Does it mean ALL Gods of Destruction would lose against Jiren? Or does it only mean ONE specific God of Destruction lost against Jiren in the past? We don’t really know for sure. It should also be considered that in the manga, Beerus was able to take on all the other Gods of Destruction simultaneously and easily beat them all, suggesting he may be far above the rest. Even if Jiren is superior to the rest of the Gods, he still might not surpass Beerus. It is logical to expect Broly will be superior to Jiren, but debatable how he would therefore compare to Beerus. We’ll likely have to wait and see to determine just exactly how superior Broly is to opponents like Jiren.

Now, a lot of fans were saying that the “new enemy” always has to be stronger than the previous ones. So somehow, Broly is going to be stronger than a God of Destruction. 

My guess is the reason they are giving us the quote is that at some point in the movie, Beerus or Whis may say that Broly is “even” stronger than himself. Now the only thing we know is that Jiren was stronger than the Gods of Destruction. 

(Legendary Super Sayan) Broly

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Now it is “confirmed” that Broly is stronger than Beerus and it is definitely a power-scale that we can look forward to—a very mighty enemy who is possibly even stronger than Jiren.

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