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The 12 Supreme Kai

The Supreme Kais (界かい王おう神しん Kaiōshin, lit. “A God of a Boundary King”), also known as the Creation Gods , are the Core People who are naturally born divine and who have the ultimate duty to protect the universe of their position. Along with the Gods of Destruction, they are the ruling and overseeing class of the twelve, formerly eighteen, universes, and each universe has its own set of gods.

The Supreme Kais possess godly powers and live outside the main universe macrocosm on the Sacred World of the Kai. They far outclass the regular Kai as while the lower Kai watch over the living world, the Supreme Kais watch over both the Other World and the living world.

Below is a list of 12 Kaioshin of 12 universes

Kaioshin of universe 1 – Anat

Unnamed (23)His Universe has a high average mortal level. Anat is a God that looks very much like Shin, although his skin is pink and wears a green suit with orange stripes. His earrings are also orange, and he is a very kind God.

Kaioshin of universe 2: Peru 

Unnamed (22)The oldest among Kaioshin. He has low stature but a robust body type. His skin colour is green and has a white beard. His earrings are yellow.

Kaioshin of universe 3: Ea

Unnamed (8)This god is wearing glasses, he is nearsighted or fashionable? He also has low stature and his skin is light blue with White hair. He is a very smart and intellectual God and he loves machines.

Kaioshin of universe 4: Kuru

Unnamed (21)This god has a pretty skinny appearance and young. His skin color is orange and wears a blue vest with yellow details and burgundy sleeves. He wears a green earring and is very smart, even more than the God destroys his Universe.

Kaioshin of universe 5: Ogma

Image11He has short stature and his skin colour is light pink. He wears a burgundy vest with orange details and light green sleeves. He is a very charismatic and intelligent God.

Kaioshin of universe 6: Fuwa

Unnamed (10)He is the Kaioshin of Universe 6. He is a fat God and his skin colour is lemon yellow. He wears a purple vest with yellow stripes and wears dark green earrings.

Fuwa is shown to be a rather nervous and absentminded person. He also appears to be rather lazy. But once getting worked up enough, as shown in the Tournament of Power, he gets very vocal and competitive, urging his fighters on

Kaioshin of universe 7: Shin

Unnamed (11)Shin is short, purple-skinned with a white mohawk and dressed in a posh Kai outfit. He dones a yellow Potara earring on each ear. Just as what a supreme leader of the universe should be, he is calm and thinks rationally at critical moments. Although he knows a good amount of information about the universe, he is still somewhat ignorant of some important things. For example, he was completely unaware of Zeno, he asked his ancestor who he was. Adding onto this, he was unaware of Ultra Instinct

Kaioshin of universe 8: Iru

Unnamed (9)This God has a think body type and his skin is light purple. He wears a white coat variant of the Supreme Kai uniform with red linning, blue clothing, a yellow belt with an orange underbelt.

He is a schemer. He has dark green earrings and is a very kind God. He loves making plans and gets fired up when those plans start to come together.

Kaioshin of universe 9: Rou

Unnamed (24)He wears red earrings. He is a God that has the habit of underestimating the rest of the Gods, and his behaviour is not quite the appropriate for a Kaioshin. He is the one that makes the decisions in his Universe.

Kaioshin of universe 10: Gowasu

Image5 (2)Gowasu is an elderly Core Person with light, yellow, wrinkled skin, pointy ears, and white hair in the style of a mohawk flipped to the side. He wears a gray and yellow coat with a violet long-sleeved shirt underneath, a light blue sash. He also wears green Potara.

As a Supreme Kai, he respects all living creatures, both good and bad. He is a very patient God and very wise and seems to have a certain addiction to tea.

Kaioshin of universe 11: Kai

Unnamed (12)He has short stature and wears a red vest with yellow details. He loves life and admires Toppo’s Pride Troopers.

Kaioshin of universe 12: Ugg

Image7Ugg has light yellow skin with white hair and pointed ears. He has a round nose and his eyes are simple black dots. He wears green Supreme Kai robes with a purple shirt and red boots.

He is a very responsible God.


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