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10 Interesting Things About Son Gohan – The Peace-loving Of Dragon Ball

Those who have readย  Dragon Ball all know Son Gohan but not everyone knows all the interesting things about him, please read the article carefully to understand more about this character.

14 Interesting Things About Son Gohan - The Peace-loving Of Dragon Ball
1. Gohan was named after the person who raised him

Every people knows about the story of Goku’s son and his name. But perhaps few people remember that, at first, he wasn’t named after his grandfather instead named after a famous scientist – Einstein. After that Goku decided to choose his name Gohan because of this name create a great influence on the life of Goku in the future

2. Gohan was born with a tail

Gohan is the first hybrid so his body is quite special. Among the children born to Saiyan people, this boy alone has a tail. However, this tail was later cut off by Vegeta and no longer regrow, but perhaps the main reason is that the author Toriyama wanted to cut it off.

3. Gohan is more like his mother than father when he was young

When he grew up he began appearing similar to his father. He possesses the same eyes as Goku but if you pay close attention, you will find that this boy was more like his mother since he was born with big eyes and pale skin. Until after the battle with Raditz, Gohan started to become more like his great father.

4. Gohan’s potential is awakened very soon

Gohan inherited both the power and potential of his father so he could reveal his potential. During the battle with Raditz Gohan despite not being trained the material art, he was able to smash Raditz’s armor. This detail makes Piccolo teach him material art to confront with Vegeta and Nappa.

14 Interesting Things About Son Gohan - The Peace-loving Of Dragon Ball

5. Gohan doesn’t like fighting so much

As a hybrid between human and Saiyan people, Gohan has many special characteristics and one of these factors is that Gohan doesn’t seem to like to fight very much. Later he became a scholar according to his mother’s will and also left the battles. However, this does not mean he has no potential, the battle with Cell show that he can awake his power at any time

6. Eating much as Saiyan people

The battles in Dragon Ball are energy consuming so it is natural for boxers to eat a lot. Goku is famous for his horror eating ability and Gohan is no exception. As a child, we have seen Goku ate all of flying dinosaur and Gohan was “Lighter”, he only cut one piece of tail to make a steak.

7. Gohan is smarter than his father

Gohan follows the path of education so he possesses more knowledge than his father is of course. This also led to Gohan being much smarter than his father. Although It is not an important role in the story, it made the construction of Akira Toriyama less boring about Goku ‘s family.

14 Interesting Things About Son Gohan - The Peace-loving Of Dragon Ball

8. Gohan is the first Super Saiyan 2

The moment Goku becomes Super Saiyan is one of the most memorable details of the Dragon Ball series. And to build the next generation, Toriyama turned Gohan into the first to reach Super Saiyan 2 and surpass his father in the battle with Cell. Although Gohan is no longer the breaker of the milestones, his achievement is still memorable.

9. Gohan gave up fighting and became a true scholar

During the years Goku “disappeared”, Chichi was responsible for raising the boys. So, it’s no wonder Gohan is heavily influenced by his mother – someone who wants Gohan to follow the path of education instead of fighting. Even, Gohan loses the power to become Super Saiyan 2 just because he has little practice.

10. Gohan the Ultimate Form is even more powerful than Super Saiyan 3

In order to confront Super Buu, Goku and Vegeta have to become Super Saiyan 3 to be able to match this evil man equally. However, there was one person who absolutely did not have to do this and still outperform Buu, which was Gohan. In the Ultimate Form form, Gohan showed his strength to make Buu miserable and had to use tricks to swallow Gohan. Obviously, the bloodline between humans and Saiyan is very respectable.


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