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After Movie Broly 2018, Dragon Ball Will Have New Movie Added?

The film Dragon Ball Super: Broly on December 14, 2018 began to be released worldwide and brought about certain successes. Following that success, recently, information about a new movie is gradually being revealed?

Dragon Ball Super Broly Vegeta Screen

Akio Iyoku (head of Dragon Ball Room) and Hayashida Norihiro (producer of Dragon Ball Super: Broly) answered about Dragon Ball’s future in an interview:

Akio Iyoku: We are preparing many stages to start the next Dragon Ball movie production. This movie’s Broly is a strong competitor, so we will go in a different direction in the upcoming movie. Perhaps due to setting too high standards for the movie Broly, we are trying to avoid being exhausted when producing the next movie. I believe Dragon Ball will continue and I hope you will wait for it.

Hayashida Norihiro: In terms of personnel, the cast and other things for Broly movie this time have been so successful that I think it is impossible to do better. But we will continue to try and make this new movie even better.

Akio IYoku: There are a lot of interesting ideas that we could not have done when producing Broly movie, this time we will try to create an even better movie than the Broly movie. Please wait and see.

Dragon Ball Z 238500Movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly is Dragon Ball’s 20th film and also the first film of Dragon Ball Super.

(The battle of the gods and the revival “F” belongs to the Dragon Ball Z movie)

The next movie, if released, will be the 21st Movie.



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