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Is Goku Stronger Than Beerus?

Is Goku stronger than Beerus ?

A Japanese magazine has “revealed” that Goku has now surpassed Beerus, not because they fought, but Beerus has … admitted it. Actually, if we imagine this battle, it is true that Goku is better than Beerus. We will consider two aspects:

Defensive: Obviously Goku has surpassed Beerus with Ultra instincts, which the destructive spirit is still incomplete. Goku can dodge every Beerus death attack, so the god of destruction can win. Speaking of Hakai, we see that it is still a technique that is fired (like Toppo) or must attack an opponent close to hand (such as Sidra destroying the city), or Beerus must “hold” Zamasu In order to “fix” him, it will destroy it, so how can Beerus hold Goku’s hand ?. 7 super-high dragon jewels up to now have only Zeno to destroy everything at any distance with a snap of the hand (angels are unknown)

Image1 (2)

Attack: Goku perfection UI still attacks weaker than Beerus, we can get Goku 7 Beerus 10 at Battle Of GOd or even Goku 5 Beerus 10 then Goku still dominates. Because Beerus can’t hit Goku while Goku can hit Beerus forever => Goku will win!


Morever, Beerus is lazy

Compared to Goku, who is eager to fight and train, Beerus is super lazy. How is this a major disadvantage you may ask. Well its simple, a person like Beerus who haven’t trained for years can be beaten by Goku simply because Goku trains more and want to be more powerful as to Beerus, he doesn’t care anything else than delicious food and his role as God of Destruction. Because of this laziness, Goku can pass Beerus in strength if Goku train with Whis or even Vegeta for about 6 months to 1 year probably (just speculation).

However, currently Goku is only stronger than Beerus when it comes to Untra Instint, still in a normal state Goku still loves more.

But let’s wait until Goku is really stronger than Beerus.

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