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Gogeta Vs Vegito Who Is Stronger?

Vegito is stronger than Gogeta because Potara Fusion doesn’t require one person to lower their power levels. I’ve seen people say Fusion Dance gets a + boost and Potara gets a * boost so Vegito must be stronger but this isn’t ever stated outright and doesn’t even need to be considered. Fighters must get a * boost or Gotenks wouldn’t be stronger than Fat Boo, it just wouldn’t work.


Simply using maths shows Vegito is stronger. Start by accepting Goku>Vegeta in terms of strength.

I suppose Goku ‘s power is 10 , Vegeta’s is 8

When transformed into Vegito , the power of the Vegito Base is: 10 × 8 = 80

Image2 (1)

When becoming Super Vegito, the power = 80 × 50 = 4,000

However, when Gogeta merges , Goku will have to lower his power to 8

Image1 (1)Then Gogeta appears to be Super saiyan then: 8x8x50 = 3.200

Conclusion: 4000> 3200 => Vegito> Gogeta, easy :))

Vegetto must, mathematically, be stronger than Gogeta. That should be simple enough for anybody to agree with. The only way for Vegito=Gogeta is for Goku=Vegeta, but then, after 30 mins, the Fusion Dance wears off and Vegito wins anyway. If anybody were to argue that Vegeta>Goku in terms of power (they’re completely wrong) but the point would still work in reverse and Gogeta would still have to be weaker than Vegito.

Image3 (1)

Actually, Goku was holding back during that fight, he didn’t use SSJ3 against Majin Vegeta, that is why Vegeta gets really upset with Goku, for allowing Vegeta to believe they were equal lwhen he was holding back. I’m pretty sure the Potara is said to have a better fusion, probably for speed, duration of fusion and lack of things that can go wrong when putting an earring on compared to a synchronised dance.  Lots os people argue that it doesn’t give a stronger power boost and I can’t remember seeing anything that proves it does. Regardless, my post above stands as Goku>Vegeta, which is pretty much accepted fact.


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