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Some Things You May Not Know About Majin Buu

Despite having read Dragon Ball or watched all of the series anime but you may not know everything about this cute character.

Some Things You May Not Know About Majin Buu
1. Majin Buu is named after a song in Cinderella film
Dragon Ball’s powerful villain is Buu, who was revived by Babidi and revealed that Majin Buu’s former master is Bibidi, Babidi’s father. Few people know that all three names are inspired by the cartoon Cinderella.
The cartoon version of Disney in1950 ‘s name is Cinderella, the phrase Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo is used as a mantra that the fairy used to turn out the dress, carriage, and other things for Cinderella to attend the party.
2. Majin Buu used to be excluded from the material art competition because of ….overslept.In the animated version of Dragon Ball Super, we have been watching a lot of funny moments of this fat guy. Most notable is the Universe Six with the martial arts competition between Champa’s 6th Universe and Beerus’s Space 7.

Some Things You May Not Know About Majin Buu
Besides Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Monaka, Buu was also chosen to participate in this cosmic martial arts summit. However, because Buu overslept, he was removed from the competition and as such, Team 7’s Universe had one position missing.
3. Majin Buu once ate a King of Gods (Supreme Kai)
Supreme Kai, also known as the Morning of the Avatar, is an extremely powerful character and assigned to protect his universe. Each Supreme has a connection with the God of Destruction of his universe and when this destructive god dies, the Kingdoms of Gods will die.
Majin Buu has since been born with the power of champion by eating and absorbing the power of many opponents. Among them was the King of Gods and after he had finished eating, he became extremely fat and had the outer outfit of this king. See the picture above did you realize who he ate?
4. Super Buu is his strongest form

Some Things You May Not Know About Majin Buu
Our Majin Buu has many different shapes, fat, thin, small or tall … Among them, the small form of Majin Buu (Kid Majin Buu) is the most destructive because he is the cruelest and only likes to destroy
In terms of strength, the Super Majin Buu form with a normal body is the most powerful form, able to defeat most opponents. However, in this form, his insanity is not as much as that of Kid Majin Buu, so it doesn’t cause much damage to humanity.
5. Majin Buu was never included in the author’s plan.
According to artist Akira Toriyama, he actually ended the story from the fight with Frieza because the power of the characters at that time had reached the cosmic level already. He then switches back to the Cell section with the intention of letting Son Goku die, transferring the task of protecting the Earth to his son Gohan.
But after that, he had almost no idea or intention to draw Dragon Ball, so it could be said that Majin Buu is almost an unplanned character.


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